8 Reasons Why Sage Essential Oil Is Good For You

 what is sage essential oil used for
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Great For The Mind And Body

History reveals that the Greeks and Romans considered sage essential oil sacred and had very high regard for it. Sage has been used in ancient times to preserve meat and other foodstuffs from spoiling. Sage essential oil is great for both the body and mind, according to the latest research.

Sage oil and clary sage (Salvia sclarea) come from the same shrub family. But both these oils differ from each other due to many reasons. Even though both the oils have a pale yellow-green color, sage has a strong spicy smell, while clary sage consists of a sweet and nutty aroma. Sage oil can trigger sensitization in some individuals. Hence, clary sage oil is most often used as a substitute for sage oil due to its mild properties.

 what is sage essential oil used for

1Reduces Scars And Spots

Most people struggle to find the right medication to remove stubborn scars and spots on their skin. Finding an effective product to eliminate blemishes is not an easy task. That's where sage essential oil comes handy.

The scar reduction qualities of sage oil have made it one of the most sought-after ingredients for many anti-spot and anti-mark creams. The properties of sage oil help eliminate scars, postnatal abdominal stretch marks, fat cracks, and scars left behind due to pox, boils, and sores. It quickly helps to heal incisions and wounds.

 sage essential oil for the body

2Protection From Infections

Most people have to work tirelessly to keep their environment free of germs. On the other hand, most products on the market contain harmful chemicals. Sage essential oil is an effective method of disinfecting the surroundings.

Sage has antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. This makes the oil an effective disinfectant. It can protect you from both internal and external infections. That is why you need to use sage oil to disinfect your surroundings.

 benefits of sage essential oil

3Protects You Against Bacterial Infections

Sage oil is effective in fighting bacterial infections. It kills the bacteria and stops their growth in your body. These properties are beneficial to heal bacterial infections in the nose, ears, throat, genitals, eyes, colon, intestines, urethra, and skin.

Sage functions as an active antibacterial agent to help prevent the growth of bacterial infections. The essential oils of sage, juniper, rosemary, clove, mint, thyme, and eucalyptus possess the effective antimicrobial properties against Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci and E. Coli bacteria strains. Out of all these oils, thyme and sage are the most effective in fighting the strains of bacteria mentioned above. This was revealed in the latest research on the subject matter.

 what is sage essential oil used for

4Combats Free Radicals

Fighting free radicals is one of the most valuable properties of sage. That's why sage is commonly used in most anti-aging skin treatments. Antioxidants act against the free radicals or oxidants in the body.

Free radicals in the body are the main reason for a person to age. Antioxidants in sage oil help slow down the aging process. Moreover, they prevent aging signs, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, hearing loss, vision loss, memory loss, muscular degeneration, and nervous disorders.

 what is sage essential oil used for

5Stops Fungal Infections

Sage essential oil contains ingredients such as camphor and camphene. This gives the oil an antifungal property. The oil can inhibit fungal infections internally and externally. Thus, sage oil is an ideal natural remedy for athlete's foot.

Sage oil helps cure fungal diseases, such as athlete's foot, skin disorders, dysentery, and eczema. Eczema causes inflammation and itching on the skin. The antifungal properties of sage make it useful in most of the skincare products on the market.

 what is sage essential oil used for

6Treats And Relieves Constipation

Proper bowel movements signify a healthy digestive system. Constipation is uncomfortable and dangerous at times. Sage is an effective laxative. One of its well-known health benefits is to help treat and relieve constipation naturally.

Sage improves bowel movements. It helps eliminate constipation by discharging vital fluids. Furthermore, sage stimulates the intestines. To relieve constipation, mix sage oil with a carrier oil and massage onto the abdominal area.

 what is sage essential oil used for

7Removes Harmful Toxins From The Blood

Sage is highly effective in removing harmful toxins from your blood. It promotes a healthy heart in the process. Sage helps the organs in your body to function effectively. Sage oil is one of the essential oils that can help cleanse your body from toxins and harmful wastes deeply.

Sage removes harmful toxins from the blood through sweat or excretion. Sage essential oil purifies your blood. Sage also acts as a depurative in the process.

 benefits of sage essential oil

8Regulates The Menstrual Cycles

Sage regulates your menstrual cycles and relieves obstructed menses. When you can't bear the symptoms of menstruation, use sage essential oil. It works on different female hormones with no side effects at all.

Sage oil activates certain hormones, such as estrogen. Estrogen is beneficial to bring about clear menstruation. It will relieve headaches, weakness, nausea, depression, fatigue, mood swings, and other symptoms associated with your periods.

 what is sage essential oil used for

S. officinalis has been used in the past to thwart evil, treat snake bites, and increase the fertility of women. Theophrastus had written about two varieties of sage, such as a cultivated plant known as elelisphakos and a wild shrub known as sphakos. Pliny the Elder had stated that the former plant was known as salvia by the Romans. Sage was used as a diuretic, a styptic, an anesthetic for the skin, and many other uses.

History reveals that sage has the longest record as a medicinal and culinary herb. This plant has so many functions, and sage offers many more benefits when converted into an essential oil. History reveals that sage is ideal for both the mind and body.

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