7 Remarkable Sage Essential Oil Benefits

 benefits of sage essential oil
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 sage essential oil for the body

A Hard Working Oil

Sage essential oil has a wide range of effective properties that offer numerous health benefits. It is an active antibacterial agent, inhibiting the growth of bacterial infections. The Brazilian Journal of Microbiology revealed that essential oils, such as sage, thyme, rosemary, juniper, clove, mint, and eucalyptus, possessed antimicrobial properties to fight Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci and E. coli strains. Sage and thyme were the most effective against these strains out of all the above essential oils, according to the research conducted on the subject matter.

There was another study that tested the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of sage and rosemary oils on numerous fungal and bacterial strains. The study revealed that both the oils were effective against E. Coli, S. enteritidis, Salmonella typhi, and Shigella sonei. But sage oil was more effective in treating many disorders that affected the nervous system, respiratory system, blood pressure, digestive system, and heart. The oil works effectively on endocrine and metabolic conditions, too.

sage essential oil uses

1Cholagogue And Choleretic

Sage has properties that help promote the discharge of bile, which helps the digestive functions of the body. It soothes the stomach to improve the functionality of your digestive system. Sage is ideal for inflammation caused by excessive acids.

Sage can neutralize the acids in the bloodstream and digestive system. That way, sage offers relief from acidosis and acidity, which will protect the person from peptic ulcers due to acidity and boils. In fact, eruptions and skin diseases can result when the acid levels rise in the blood.

 sage essential oil for the body

2An Effective Antibacterial Agent

Sage oil is great for countering bacterial infections. It will destroy the bacteria to prevent its growth in your body. This property is essential to cure wounds and bacterial infections in the ears, throat, eyes, nose, skin, urethra, genitals, and intestines.

Sage essential oil is a very effective antibacterial agent that will inhibit the eruption of bacterial infections. Research has revealed that essential oils, such as sage, rosemary, juniper, mint, and thyme, contain antimicrobial properties to fight bacterial strains, such as Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci and E. coli. The results of the research showed that sage was the most effective out of all the oils.

 what is sage essential oil used for

3Anti-Aging And Antioxidant Properties

Anti-aging is one of the most important health benefits of sage essential oil. That is why sage is used as an ingredient in most of the skincare products on the market. Antioxidants help fight against free radicals or oxidants in your body.

Oxidants are supposed to be the main reason for a person's aging. Antioxidants are effective in slowing down aging. Antioxidants help prevent aging symptoms, such as wrinkles, reduction in vision, hearing loss, sagging skin, sagging muscles, memory loss, macular degeneration, nervous disorders, and degeneration of tissues.

 what is sage essential oil used for

4Natural Antiseptic Properties

Sage is considered a natural antiseptic. It is used to clean wounds and cuts in the body. You can use the oil to keep wounds clean and free from bacteria.

Sage comes with antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. Hence, sage is a great antiseptic for wounds, postnatal injuries, and surgical incisions. It is also used for sores and ulcers.

 what is sage essential oil used for

5Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Sage is an ideal anti-inflammatory. It can reduce inflammation on your skin. Furthermore, sage is effective on inflammation due to fever or the entry of poisonous substances into the bloodstream.

Sage reduces the adverse effects of excessive narcotics and intoxicants. It helps deal with indigestion caused by eating spicy or salty foods and the influence of hot winds. The oil is effective in curing inflammation in the stomach, excretory tract, and intestines.

 sage essential oil for the body

6Has Antispasmodic Properties

Sage is ideal for all types of spasms. It may include cramps from menstruation and convulsions. It also works on different female hormones with no side effects at all. The antispasmodic properties of sage essential oil go hand in hand with its anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil is very useful in treating all issues that arise due to spasms, such as pain in the stomach. Sage relieves pains in the intestines and chest. It also helps with convulsions, cramps, and coughs.

sage essential oil uses

7It's A Natural Disinfectant

With germs widespread in the environment, most people work overtime to keep their surroundings clean and disinfected at all times. Most commercial disinfectant products contain harmful chemicals. Switching to sage essential oil is recommended, as it is a natural disinfectant.

The effective properties of sage oil make it one of the most efficient disinfectants to clean your surroundings and protect yourself from germs. It protects you from both internal and external germs. Use it as a disinfectant.

 sage essential oil for the body

Sage has been used for thousands of years as a culinary and medicinal herb. In fact, it has the longest record for this. This perennial plant has numerous healthy functions even today. The essential oil is even more effective than the herb. Sage oil is extracted from the steam distilled leaves of the herb Salvia officinalis or sage.

Sage is also known as common sage, garden sage, true sage, or Dalmatian sage. The herb gets its name from the Latin word "salvere," which means to "save." The herb is already known for its vast therapeutic properties. The plant is native to the nations surrounding the Mediterranean sea and the southern European regions.

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