7 Medicinal Uses For Sage Essential Oil

sage essential oil uses
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 how to use sage essential oil

A Highly Effective Fighter

Sage essential oil has many properties that provide a variety of benefits. One of the benefits is its ability to stop bacterial infections from growing. A study done by the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology discovered that oils extracted from thyme, mint, eucalyptus, clove, juniper, and sage were able to fight effectively against strains of E. coli. In those tests, however, sage proved to be among the most effective for fighting that type of bacteria.

Additional studies done on the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of oils extracted from sage and rosemary found that they were highly effective in fighting fungal and bacterial strains associated with salmonella, E. coli, and other strains. Sage proved itself as an effective treatment for conditions such as heart and blood pressure, improving the digestive system, and restoring the respiratory system. In addition to being effective for the conditions mentioned above, it has also been found to work well on metabolic disorders.

 how to use sage essential oil

1Stops Fungal Infections

Sage has some components such as camphor and camphene, which give it the ability to fight fungal infections. It can fight them externally and internally. It's an excellent treatment for athlete's foot.

Sage can help to alleviate certain types of skin diseases as well as dysentery, dermatitis, and athlete's foot. Dermatitis causes inflammation and itching, which can be relieved with sage. This is why you'll often find sage listed in the ingredients of many skincare products.

 benefits of sage essential oil

2Inhibits Bacterial Growth

Sage oil is capable of killing certain types of bacteria. Aside from slowing it down, it can even completely inhibit the further growth of that bacteria. Sage can be used to treat infections of the throat, urethra, intestines, colon, genitals, nose, ears, and eyes. It works as an antibacterial agent.

Sage functions as an effective antibacterial agent that helps inhibit the growth of bacterial infections. Essential oils that include clove, rosemary, juniper, thyme, and sage have been demonstrated to work against strains of E. coli. For the treatment of E. coli or other similar bacteria, it was found that sage and thyme work the most effective against them.

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3Helps Remove Toxins

Sage essential oil works well for removing toxins from your blood. This helps to improve the health of your heart. It also enhances the functionality of other organs in the body.

The essential oil that comes from sage increases the speed at which the toxins are removed from the blood. It helps the body to remove those toxins through sweat and excretion. This helps make the blood purer.

 how to use sage essential oil

4Helps To Remove Spots And Scars

Many people have scars or marks on their skin that they wish were gone. Although many products claim to be effective for this issue, many are not. The essential oil from sage can help remove those spots and marks because it is a cicatrizant.

Because the components found in sage oil is effective, it is now used as a common ingredient in some of the expensive cosmetics made to remove marks and spots. Cracks in the skin caused by fat, scars, postnatal stretch marks, spots left from boils, sores, or pox can be treated with sage. It also helps with quickly healing small wounds and incisions.

 benefits of sage essential oil

5Energizes And Stimulates

We all have times when we need more energy or stimulation. Getting a boost naturally is the best way to do it. While there are many options, the best is using sage essential oil.

The combined properties in sage work together to be an effective stimulant. Most of the components found in this essential oil are simply different expressions of stimulation. The stimulated areas of the body include the spleen, the nervous system, the circulatory, and expiratory systems, and the brain, and the stimulation helps optimize those parts of the body.

 how to use sage essential oil

6Microbial Infection Protection

The same ingredients in this essential oil that fight against fungus also helps protect the body from microbial infections. This means that it's a useful tool for preventing infections from cuts and wounds. Using sage provides healing properties, benefits, and a wide range of effects that are positive for the body.

It can be used as an effective solution to fight microbial infections. You'll be able to protect yourself from these infections without the need for using pharmaceutical medications. This helps to reduce the stress put on other organs in the body.

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7Naturally Effective Laxative

The digestive system depends on good bowel movements. Constipation can lead to a variety of illnesses and pain and is, therefore, dangerous. Sage can be used effectively as a natural laxative.

Sage helps produce excretion. It can alleviate constipation by improving the discharge of fluids. Sage also helps to stimulate the intestines.

 benefits of sage essential oil

According to some historical documentation, sage is the oldest herb used for medicine that has been recorded. Even in the modern age, this plant has many great functions. Once the herb is changed into an essential oil, it provides even greater benefits. Sage is converted into essential oil by distilling the leaves with steam.

Sage in Latin means "to save." It is also known by other names, such as true sage, Dalmatian sage, garden sage, and common sage. The plant was originally found in southern European areas and other countries near the Mediterranean Sea.

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